Kep town, beach and attractions.

Kep in Cambodia is located by the sea with a palm-fringed beach and old villas from the French settlers and rich Cambodians.

Kep was until the 1960s a popular holiday and seaside resort and then was replaced by Sihanoukville with its variety of beaches.

After decades of civil war and the destruction of the beautiful Kep villas, which were only available to the elite, the Khmer Rouge and the Vietnamese Army, the city became neglect. Today’s Kep has re-established itself as a Khmer resort and is being rediscovered by travelers and expats.

In the city there is little to see and not much to do. The beaches are pretty nice, but so are other places. There is some hustle and bustle on weekends and holidays when the local people enjoy some free time and holidays. During the week it is quiet and contemplative.

Kep is known for its crabs so you should spend an afternoon on the crab market and you absolutely must eat a crab dish.

The sleepy coastal village is often overlooked by tourists traveling to Cambodia. Many of the tourists spend their time in Kampot, a delightful town that sits right by a river.

Kep is only 26 km from Kampot and is on the way to the border crossing Cambodia – Vietnam, only a few kilometers away.


Not far from the border crossing is the city of Ha Tien.
From there you can catch a ferry to Phu Quoc Island.

Since the Vietnam is not far away I mention the island Phu Quoc for the following reason.

Tourists who would like to get to know a little Vietnam can enter without a visa.

Please be sure to check this website. The regulations are only valid for one year.

How to get to Kep:

From Kampot:

With a bus for 2-3 US $
Motorcycle taxi for 4 – $ US $
Tuk-Tuk 8 to 10 US $

From Phnom Penh:

Several bus companies serve Kep and offer different departure times from 7am to 1pm.
By bus 4 to 5 hours 7 – 8 US $
By taxi 2.5 to 3 hours 40-50 US $

From Sihanoukville:

Minibuses take about 2 hours and cost about 8 US $. Departure is in the morning.

From Koh Kong:

The journey takes 4 to 5 hours by minibus and costs about 8 US $.

The true beauty of Kep is the isolation and seclusion from mass tourism. Get away from the strains and worries, away from the tourist trail. Rent a mountain bungalow overlooking the sea and relax with nothing but a book and a beer.

You can find an overview of hotels and accommodation in Kep by clicking on the logo, the booking page.




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