Koh Kong

Koh Kong is the province with the longest coast in Cambodia.

Holiday in Koh Kong Town and district.

The Koh Kong province with its huge mangrove forest is located in the south of Cambodia and borders with Thailand.

Koh Kong has a long undeveloped coastline and lushly forested mountains from the Cardamom Mountain range- the largest contiguous rainforest in Southeast Asia. Part of the Kirirom National Park is located in the province.

Koh Kong Bridge free of charge starting from the 2nd of November 2017.

After the construction of the national road 48 – finished with all bridges in 2012 – Developed from an isolated province to a popular tourist destination.

The National Road 4 of Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville connects at Sre Ambel with the National Road 48 and 4 bridges to the province and provincial town of Koh Kong.

Before that time, it was only possible to reach the city by boat from Sihanoukville or Trat in Thailand.

After completion of the bridges, the ferry service between the Town and Sihanoukville was discontinued.

Today, the journey is made by bus, car or motorcycle. During the trip you can enjoy a spectacular scenic view along the road.

The existence of the road and tourism development have transformed Koh Kong.

To accommodate the increasing number of tourists in the province, plenty of hotels and bungalows have opened.

Accommodation can be good value for money. Starting with good clean hotel rooms, from US $ 6 with fan, TV, private toilet with shower and free WiFi, up to a 5 star hotel.

Holidaymakers who want to sleep amongst a beautiful landscape should stop by the river in Tatai.

Only 20 km away from the city there are several resort facilities on the river.

Koh Kong is known for its ecotourism, its beaches, waterfalls, Asia’s largest mangrove forest, the sea, islands and breeding grounds and nesting sites for marine life.

Outside of the city is an enormous mangrove forest where visitors can observe a delicate ecosystem.

Visitors who like tranquility and beautiful scenery will enjoy a stay thanks to the surrounding nature and the relatively low prices for accommodation, food and transport.

Tourists visiting Cambodia are recommended to include Koh Kong in their itinerary.







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