Pailin, a small town in Cambodia on the border with Thailand, which is still typical of Cambodia and not overrun with tourists.

View on the mountains in Pailin.The area around Pailin and Battambang, in the Cardamom Mountains in Cambodia, is an important gem producing area.

Famous for their precious gems such as rubies, sapphires, topaz and opals were in the 1980s and 1990s important to the guerrillas of the Khmer Rouge, the gemstone mines were an important source of income.

The gems found there are for the most part sent to Chanthaburi in Thailand, which is known for its gemstone processing, gemstone market, and crafting of precious jewelry.

Who has the intention to supplement their holiday fund with a piece of jewelry please note!

Not every gemstone is top-notch.

Tourists and bargains Hunters are always happy to cheer worthless jewelry!

Pailin the border crossing to and from Thailand – Cambodia:

From Bangkok or Trat to Chanthaburi in Thailand and then to the border crossing to Pailin and on to Battambang in Cambodia.

Arriving at the bus station in Chanthaburi we continue with a tuk tuk or motodop to the border crossing Pailin. After passing the border, do not accept the first tug boat deals. You can drive to Pailin by Tuk Tuk for US $ 5. (As of 2018)

The border area is also known as Border Crossing and Casino Area. The locals call this area Pbrohm.

Until the 1990s, during the fighting with the Cambodian government, this border crossing was a major lifeline of the Khmer Rouge to bring food, supplies and weapons from Thailand to Pailin and Battambang.

Please note:

The border crossing is closed at night. As the times vary, inquire in advance in Chanthaburi.

If you want or need to stay in Chanthaburi you will find a selection of accommodation on the hotel page.




Sights and tourist attractions in Pailin:

The small Cambodian town and its surroundings in the midst of a hilly landscape offer visitors a variety of natural leisure activities such as cycling, trekking and hiking.

Cardamom River Tour:

The Cardamom River Tour takes you to one of the many breathtaking rivers in the Cardamom Mountains.

During the hike in the jungle, a break is taken by the river. There you can swim and fish. The fresh fish that you hopefully catch will be prepared for you in the camp.


One of the trekking tours leads to the waterfall in Pailin. Even outside the rainy season, above the waterfall, there are clean pools where you can cool off and enjoy beautiful views of the wooded hills and beautiful scenery.

The Memoria Palace & Resort, in cooperation with the local community, offers a series of multi-day trekking tours to the waterfall and the pristine forests of the Cardamom Mountains.

Casino in Pailin:

A visit to Ceasar Casino in Pailin City offers tourists a variety of facilities. If you do not want to gamble, relax in the same building complex in the Ceasar Pub with a cool drink.

And yes! There are also karaoke bars near the border and the casinos with friendly ladies who like to have a drink.

Phnom Yat Pailin:

Phnom Yat is one of the cultural and historical attractions in the city of Pailin. The mountain is 60 meters high, 700 meters long, 300 meters wide and covers 30 000 square meters. On the top of the mountain stands a pagoda whose construction has used a wide range of gemstones.


Behind the pagoda, which is the main attraction, there is a stupa in which the ashes of Rattanak Sambat, father of the Cambodian literary figure Khun Niery, are said to be kept in an urn.

Pailin hotels:

Pailin in northwestern Cambodia offers basic guesthouses and hotels in and around the city, as well as near the Cambodian and Thai borders of Psar Pruhm and Ban Pakard.




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