Phu Quoc Island

The island Phu Quoc off the coast of Cambodia in Vietnam.

The island of Phu Quoc, just a few kilometers away from Kampot and Kep in Cambodia, has some of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam.

Nice beach on Phu Quoc island in Vietnam.Many of these pristine secluded and beautiful white sand beaches, on the incredibly clear sea, can only be reached via simple sandy paths.

Around the island you can enjoy diving, snorkeling and the incredible coral reefs that are said to be among the best in the world.

Much of the island is covered by a national park, mangroves and a dense jungle.

Rent a motorcycle, so you can explore the island best. Then off to the mountains to swim in one of the streams and waterfalls.

Getting to Phu Quoc is easy.

You fly directly to the island from one of the airports in Vietnam, or by bus, taxi to Ha Tien and continue by ferry to the island.

If you are traveling from Cambodia overland to Phu Quoc Island, I recommend the border crossing from Kep to Ha Tien. See map.

If you only want to visit Vietnam for 14 days, you do not need a visa at the moment. The terms are valid for 1 year only and are usually renewed.

Please be sure to get the relevant information on the website of the Vietnam Immigration.

Time does not stop at Phu Quoc in Vietnam either.

Until recently, the still sleepy island was almost untouched by tourism it is a meeting place for backpackers and dropouts. This will change in the coming years.

In order to attract more visitors in the future, the streets will be expanded and new hotels will be built.

If you want to visit the island and search for accommodation, you can find the information here, on the booking page.






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