Sihanoukville, a city on the move! Cambodia’s Casino, beach and Island Paradise.

The city of Sihanoukville is developing into small Macao.

More and more new casinos and hotels are being built along the Serendipity Beach, a hotel and casino player paradise.

Sihanoukville – The Chinatown in Cambodia! A city with a seaport, where the population is predominantly of Chinese origin.

More and more affordable accommodations in the city (mostly if not all now in Chinese ownership) have been bought exclusively for their own customers.

It is almost impossible to find cheap rooms.

If you do not feel like bustling in the city, I recommend visiting the islands off the coast of Sihanoukville.

Islands in Cambodia, Sihanoukville.

It makes no sense at this time to create an extra list of hotels.

If you would like hotel information, please go here to the booking page of the city.




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